July 24, 2015

July 22, 2015


Check out my new clutch bag compliments of Michelle of ThatBlackChic.Com's recent giveaway contest.  It's a gorgeous inspiration to make one myself - and I think it'a a great gift and stash buster idea too.  Christmas is on the way you know.  Thanks so very much Michelle!!!

July 19, 2015


...Butterick 5616 cropped jean jacket that is.  Took a bit longer than I anticipated but then again so does everything I make.  It's just as I envisioned and I am happy with it.

This is one thing that I can mark off the list. Later I'd really like to have one in black after I find black denim online because there's none in my area.  Nothing pressing though so I have plenty of time to do a little search. 

MY MOTHER:  Did you finish your jacket?

ME:  After fixing a couple of operator errors, yes I did!  And I didn't even cry and whine when making this jacket - did I?

MY MOTHER:  No you didn't and I am so surprised! 

ME:  Yeah, I'm really trying to work on that... 

Now to decide on my next project - something new coming up soon...

July 17, 2015


Friday is the reward for five days of alarm clocks, rolling out early and dealing with all the week brings our way.  On Friday evenings and no one has to guess twice about my whereabouts.  I'm happily situated in my sewing room, in here about to hyperventilate with all these pattern possibilities!  So whether sewing actually takes place or not this is the way I choose to end the work week.  It takes something rather drastic to make me do otherwise.

In the last episode of "Faye's Sewing Adventure" I was all excited about finishing up the "I've just got to have a cropped white jean jacket in my life" saga.  Well, the jacket is not finished yet because:
  1.  I discovered that I needed to remove and rotate the sleeves;
  2.  Low back strain aggravated my sciatica (or was it the other way around); and
  3.  Hibernating carpel tunnel syndrome decided to show back up.
It was a rough week people that left little desire for sewing.  But after two chiropractic adjustments and a week to recuperate, I'm back in the sewing saddle again praise God.  The sleeves have been rotated, the cuffs are on, and there's only 3 things left to do on the Finish Line List

It's been a simple but fun project; and I think it's going to be the cutest little jacket.  I haven't even minded doing all the topstitching after setting up a separate machine with a double needle.  So I'm off to do my weekend work.  See you soon with a finished project...

July 12, 2015



I'll be joining forces with Rachelle of Smoking Needles blog  in one of her Church Outreach Ministry projects.  They have set a goal to make and send 500 scarves to the women in a Ugandan village as gifts. The project production end date has been set for August 31st.  The finished measurements of the scarves need to be 21 x 21 inches, large enough to be worn as head scarves or neckerchiefs.  Guess I need to get busy finishing up my jean jacket, put a new blade in my rotary cutter and get some production started.  This ought to be a good way to bust some stash - wouldn't you say??? Giving always leaves me with such WARM FUZZIES.  If you'd like to join in, for more information on this project please refer to Rachelle's blog.

Last July I participated in Simple Simon and Company's SKIRTING THE ISSUE PROJECT.  That project gathers lovely handmade skirts that are donated to school aged foster children from your own state.  It only took a little bit of my time to fashion up 2 cute little skirts that I'm sure 2 little girls enjoyed wearing to school.  I busted a little stash, and it left me with a warm fuzzy feeling so it was a win win situation.  They are shooting for 1,000 skirts this year.  I think I'll join in again this year as well...

July 7, 2015


...what type of sewing frenzy I might end up on.  During the past two years I planned to, but did not end up make any summer jackets.  This summer I've already made two - blogged about (here) and (here).  Now I'm planning my third one of the season
Butterick 5616, view B
Over the past few years I have learned a whole lot about jacket and coat making. I do know, however;  that I still have even more to learn about fitting and construction.  Every jacket project teaches me more and more.  Just in time for my next project I found that Gentleman Jim has just released his Tailored Jacket Construction Shortcuts Course. 
I found out about the course through his Facebook Page (just type in Gentleman Jim and look for his June 24th post if interested.

I couldn't wait to peruse his PowerPoint presentation, PDF and watch the video clips.  I found an awful lot of value for the cost, and gathered some very helpful information in my first viewing.  I will be using some of his techniques and tips in the construction of my upcoming project even though it's not a tailored jacket. Of course I'll be letting you know about my new jacket progress...

June 27, 2015


I had some intense moments while participating in Michelle of ThatBlackChic's Blazer Sew-a-Long this week.  It was not for the faint of heart by any means.  When I first heard mention of the sewalong I already had the Simplicity pattern in stash.  Fell in love with it hot off the press and really wanted to make it.   But... had it not been for the sewalong, maybe I would have never gotten around to it.

Mmmmm, so what do I have to say about this week long event?
  • I learned some interesting techniques, really I did.  I had never really used bias tape successfully to trim a project.  Really was bit intimidated by it.  How to sew it on securely, and how to neatly apply the ends, and how to MITER those corners.  After this project I feel like I'm a bias trim pro!
  • LOVE the way the collar is attached to the jacket.  Effortless after applying the bias trim.
  • I can't ever remember making coat/jacket with a sleeve vent.  This was the part that I really feared.  I now have that fully under my belt.
  • I've worked with several projects that involved a two piece sleeve before.  I have to admit setting the sleeves in this jacket did test my patience.
  • Michelle is an EXCELLENT instructor.  I'm looking forward to her next sew-a-long!
Of course I thought I had to add some couture/tailoring techniques to the project:  (in hindsight wish I hadn't - they just take too much time and effort.  But for some reason I just can't make my self stop doing these things). 
  • Used hongkong seam finishes everywhere including the shoulder and sleeve seams.
  • Stabilized the shoulder seams.
  • Added a back hem vent.

I am very pleased with my finished project.

Thanks to all that cheered me on and listened to me bellyache during this jacket making process.  I know you  cringe  every time I announce "I'm about to make a jacket."  You are my friends, my support team don't run and hid - continue to hang in there with me - there will be other jackets!!!!


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