March 1, 2015

...Although I've finished my recent "Poncho Phase", (here's a picture of the last of my unselfish sewing for a while)

I wanted to mention that when I first got interested in making this simple design I was perplexed as to how to pull it together.  So of course I turned to my old friend Google for help.  What a wonderful world we live in - I can Google ANYTHING and most likely come up with an answer that quenches my thirst for knowledge on any given subject.  Fancifrocks inquired about how I put the poncho together:
I used instructions from Smile and Wave, but was still a little unsure about how to sew the 2 rectangles together until I found this picture on Google
Hope that helps Fancifrocks and anyone else who might be interested in the directions...

February 26, 2015


...I know I'm not the only one who carries one of these in her purse at all times - am I???

I just never know when I might have to measure something...

February 21, 2015


...I got involved in an unplanned stashbusting session this morning.  This fabric has been in my stash far too long.  Originally purchased to make a skirt, I later decided this wool flannel was too thin for that.  Since I had already pulled it down to make the last poncho I thought I might as well finish the yardage up.

Sometimes I pick a project just to see if I can make it successfully. In this case another simple poncho. Just 2 rectangles (18 × 36) hemmed and sewn in two strategic places and there you have it.  Yes it was an easy project, but there's nothing wrong with a little mindless sewing from time to time.

Thought I might as well finish up the yardage.  No need of putting it back in the stash. There was still enough of this fabric left to make a nice big cozy blanket scarf.

Done. Weekend sewing is priceless...



 It's been quite an enjoyable experience.  Many thanks to all who read here!

February 20, 2015


...guess you could say - I'm all the way in now since this is the third poncho I've made this year.  Who would have believed I'd be taking this trip being I have never really cared for poncho's.  I crocheted a pastel pink one for my daughter when she was 3yrs - she was past cute in it - wish I had a picture.

 After experiencing a little sewing lull I needed to sew something -  - just to get myself back in the game. This time a self drafted collared wool poncho promised to a friend 3 weeks ago. What can I say... couldn't get it done any sooner, just wasn't feeling it. Can't sew if I'm not feeling it.  Last night I was finally felt it so I brought her idea into being.

Actually, the idea came from two different poncho designs she liked. Better late than never, after all there's still plenty of winter left...

February 17, 2015


...sometimes you run across an easy pattern, make it up and then simply fall in love with the garment.  Such was the case with the McCall's 6209 brown tweedy wool poncho that I made last month (view A blogged about here). Love it, and have probably worn it six times already.  Every time I'd put it on I'd think "I really need to make a black one".  I am sure I'll get to wear it some even though our winters are so short.  Well, this weekend I finally got around to making it and got repeat love results.  Wore it yesterday and again today.  It brought lots of complements, and one lady asked if she could feel it.  I had to let her - and had to laugh because I can't count the number of times I've asked to feel the fabric of somebody's garment hoping they didn't think I was crazy.  What can I say - I'm a fabric feeler!
It's soft and cuddly and not too heavy.  Some type of nubby textured wool blend with a slight nap that doesn't feel like it has any wool content at all - so it worked well for my unlined poncho.
Now this former confessed non-poncho lover has two of them hanging in her closet.  Goes to show you, you can never say never, but I think that's enough ponchos for a while...

February 14, 2015


...Bloglovin question???
After you sign up with Bloglovin, isn't there a final step you need to do that completes the process???

The reason for my question is I find that can add blogs to my Bloglovin feed even if that blog is not signed up with them.  I can see posts from those blogs, but I cannot comment on those blogs from the Bloglovin position.  I have to actually close out Bloglovin and enter that blog in my browser to go directly into that blog in order to  comment.  I don't have to do that with blogs that are actually signed up with Bloglovin.

OR is there something that I am doing wrong.  Maybe I don't know enough about Bloglovin??? 

UPDATE:  Ok I found it.  It's called claiming your blog.  Why do you need to do this?, and what happens if you don't claim your blog?  I'm confused....


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